Pay as Low as 3%

Register, become a borrower and get access to loans that best fit your purposes. You may apply for multiple loans at the same time.

Get as High as 50%

Register, become an investor, meet your creditworthy borrower and lend him on an interest rate you are both comfortable with. If you want more security, ask for a guaranty.

Invest without Capital

Register, become a guarantor and find rewarding business opportunities without taking the risk of an initial investment.

24705 Users
2572 Investors
1139 Guarantors
20994 Borrowers
97% Fill rate
$3,604 Avg. Loan Amount Financed

Why Choose BeeLend?

High Returns

In sharp contrast to other platforms BeeLend does not in any manner influence the interest rate applied on any of the loans. The eventual interest rate of the loan will be agreed solely by the Investor and the Borrower.

Limited Risks

The thorough credit quality check conducted on each borrower by BeeLend, the allocation of your capital among multiple loans (diversification) and the optional loan guaranty makes lending a low-risk investment in your finances.

Tailored Loans to Borrowers

You as a Borrower will pay an interest rate that you can afford. BeeLend only sets zero as the minimum level of interest rate on the loan you apply for, which implies that BeeLend is the marketplace of loans with the lowest possible interest rates.

No Fees

Whether your are an Investor, a Borrower or a Guarantor on BeeLend, you will meet utmost transparency and free-of-charge services which are exceptional in the industry. BeeLend is not only a business it is a community where we encourage members to act with a sense of humanity towards each other.

Personal Verification

You as an Investor will be encouraged to get personal impressions on your Borrower. What's more, BeeLend requires that Investor and Borrower mutually verify each other in the course of the lending transaction.

Easy Documentation

BeeLend provides you with quick document upload and other hassle-free functions along the lending process. Customers experience an easy and straightforward use of the platform.