As opposed to low yielding and costly investments (traditional investment funds and bank deposits) BeeLend offers a unique platform where investors can directly lend money to verified borrowers and reach outsized returns with limited risks.

A bank uses deposits from savers to lend to borrowers, charge high interest rates, other fees and make profit on the difference. They need to use the high margins to maintain branches and pay the salary of thousands of employees. BeeLend merely brings the investor and the borrower directly in touch with each other to establish a lending relationship with the level of interest rate they are both comfortable with. BeeLend provides a service to interested members and is not financially involved in excessive risk-taking that is usually the case with banks and other financial institutions (investment management companies).

On BeeLend you give a fast personal loan online with attractive return and low processing costs that are unprecedented among financial institutions or marketplace lenders. You may even get a guarantee on your loan which is simply impossible at other platforms. BeeLend does not set the interest rate on your loan offer. It is up to your pricing power to agree on an interest rate you find rewarding.

BeeLend recognizes the demand for high return investments in the private sector and helps investors make rewarding loan transactions. On BeeLend investors are encouraged to give multiple loans at a time. All the investment stats, borrower stats and the risks are transparently displayed on the platform. BeeLend assigns a Risk Rating to each of the borrowers (guarantors) based on their personal, professional and financial details published on their BeeLend profile.

Other peer-to-peer (or marketplace) lending companies usually charge a huge (normally 4-6%) origination fee per loan transaction to borrowers. BeeLend does not charge borrowers any origination fees which makes lending also more safe and beneficial to investors. On BeeLend borrowers are not overloaded with extra costs payable to the platform.

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