Formulate Your Return Target

Agree with your borrower on an interest rate you require for your investment.

Be Aware of the Risks

Only invest the sum of money you can afford to loose in case of a borrower’s default.

Diversify your Investments

Split your investments among multiple borrowers and you will be able to reduce the possibility of losses in your capital.

Know your Borrower

Make personal contact with your borrower in order to make sure you lend money to a reliable person. Use the Distance from me and In My City/State filter to find borrowers in your area.

Check the Documentation

Verify your borrower’s personal, financial and professional information by looking at the documentation supplied to the BeeLend platform. BeeLend provides a handy interface for the verification.

Monitor your Investments

Regularly follow the payments made by your borrowers.

Review your Borrower

Write reviews on your borrowers to build the power of community on the BeeLend platform.

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